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School of the Gladiator students get:

Instant access to the video lessons of Angela's powerful in-depth Gladiator training

  • 5 video lessons that teach and show you the fundamentals of becoming a warrior for the Kingdom of God.

Work Manual

  • Not only will you have access to the videos, but members get the lesson plan work manual that corresponds with each video lesson.

These are some of the subjects covered in the lessons:

  • Putting on the Armor of God - a defensive guard, but also an offensive position of attack!
  • Treasures in Heaven - the keys of wisdom
  • Fasting - normal fast, absolute fast, partial fast (Danial fast) and what they all mean, how we crucify our flesh.
  • Faith - the Power behind it, how to use it as a weapon against spiritual forces of evil
  • Dominion - the supreme Authority.
  • Angels - releasing God's heavenly messengers or servants. Learn about these Angels and what they do: Guardian Angels, Seraphs, Cherubim, the Living Creatures and Archangels.
  • The Hierarchy of the Enemy - We are at war, how can you go into battle without knowing your enemy? Learn about Principalities and Powers, their capacities and authority.
  • Basic Training Manual - get the tools to recognize the enemy and how he operates.

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